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Where light is ...

  1. Thu, 6th Oct 2011
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The 25th issue of the eLearning Papers had been released some time ago. Actually I should already be able to tell more about the containing articles, as that issue is about game-based learning and contains four in-depth articles and five articles from the field. But somehow the publication got lost on my desktop. I am a little bit disappointed in the editoral: It just praises the potentials of game-based learning; Something you can read about in nearly every paper about game-based learning. But what about a more critical view of the subject? About problems and obstacles? What about the sustainability of educational games? What about the real improvement of learning? Just last week I participated in a workshop about game-based learning at the Fraunhofer IDMT. Professor Niegemann, who holds a chair about learning with new media, complemented his speech’s topic ‘Why does game-based learning work?’ with a ‘sometimes’ or ‘maybe’. His conclusion was that there is still no evidence about a better learning with digital games. Though he did not call in question that it is more fun.

So, where light is, there is also shadow. And I would have wished for a more complete view on game-based learning in an issue of eLearning Papers about game-based learning.

From a look at the abstracts there are two or three articles that caught my interest:



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