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/ log / 17th Jun, 2011

Virulent! has come out

  1. Fri, 17th Jun 2011
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<p>Virulent! The first educational game from the Morgridge Institute, Madison, Wisconsin.</p>

Virulent! The first educational game from the Morgridge Institute, Madison, Wisconsin.

Finally Virulent! has been officially released from the Morgridge Institute in Madison, Wisonsin. This morning I read about the release on the blog from John Rice. The educational game my colleague Heinrich “The Farmer” Soebke (Quotation from the final credits of the game) had been working on during his research visit in Madison. I already had the chance to play the game in a beta version. Now everybody can play the first 7 levels of the game.

I already went through all of them. Compared to the beta version I appreciate the wider context of the game and the drawing of movement paths. You do not start at once at the cell membrane, but get to know to the long way into the cell. And you can see where you sent the different objects. What I am missing are the later parts of the game, where you start to replicate the raven virus. At the moment the game ends where you equip your DNA with a protective membrane. But as the press release says, there are actually 15 levels. Probably the current development status has been released because of the start of the GLS conference. So I am looking forward to the release of the complete set of levels.

On the website of the Morgridge Institute you can find the press release, the web-player version and the download link to the iPad application.


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