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The power of context

  1. Tue, 3rd May 2011
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Last week I gave a presentation, followed by a small workshop, about Prezi: A presentation tool that enables to create presentations where content can be located in its context. You do not have to tear it from there to squeeze it into a linear slide show. Now I discovered a presentation that does not use Prezi but the principles of such presentations: According to the progress of the speaker a graphical presentation is developing in front of your eyes that builds up to a full-grown poster. But the presentation is not only worth seeing because of its implementation. Sir Ken Robinson speaks about “Changing Education Paradigms”; A very interesting overview of why education is as it is in our society. Things that I still remember very well are about kindergarten geniuses (8:20) and the distribution of ADHD in the USA (3:35).

A Prezi presentation by Balázs Turai of similar quality you can find here:

Sweet recipe to solving problems

Unfortunately there is missing an explaining voice.

But both presentations show perfectly how to support the orientation of the audience by building up a visual overview.



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