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/ log / 04th Dec, 2011

Removing hindrances

  1. Sun, 4th Dec 2011
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I have thought a long time about changing something essential on puzzling knowledge. Now I have finally made up my mind. What has happened? Well, actually not much or not enough from my point of view. Although I actually have a long list of ideas and drafts of articles, they are somehow stuck where they are. Every try to elaborate them has led to evasive ‚movements‘. I think everybody knows these urgent tasks like ‚Hey, I should really clean up the screen of the monitor right now.‘ This way some ideas are already waiting months to be released.

The last weeks I had a close look on my ‚evasive reactions‘. After a thorough analysis of the competitions of common sense and weakness of will, I think I discovered the main reason for the supremacy of the latter: Writing by itself is already not that easy for me. I cannot say that it does simply spout out. Whereas I could diminish procrastination here through intensive training sessions, I still cannot suppress evasive behaviour completely. But I do notice very strong reactions when it comes to writing an article for puzzling knowledge. It still costs too much effort to write in English. And unfortunately I cannot spare the time for an extensive training on this subject as well; At least at the moment. So I have decided to remove this extra hindrance. In plain terms: From now on I am going to continue (mostly) in my mother tongue: german.


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