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Prezify your Mind Maps

  1. Thu, 19th Apr 2012
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Mind-mapping is a technique to organize concepts. For example concepts you want to order after a brainstorming. Apart from using pencil an paper there are different programs that allow you to do this with your computer. Usually these mind maps end as an outline in a word processor. Almost all mind-mapping programs offer a way to export them. Today a colleague pointed out to me that the text drag-apart feature of Prezi, that was introduced at the beginning of this year, makes it very easy to make presentations out of your mind maps.

When you highlight the key topic of your mind map in your mind-mapping software (e.g. Freemind) and copy (ctrl-c) it, actually the whole outline of your mind map gets copied. If you have just highlighted a branch, you will get the outline of that branch.

A mind map in Freemind.

Image 1: A mind map in Freemind.

When you paste (cftrl-p) this into your prezi, you get a text box that represents this outline by indenting the concepts according to their depth in the mind map. Now just put the cursor into a line (image 2) or mark an area within the textbox (image 3), and drag the text apart by clicking the hand that appears in front of the text box. Repeat it as often as necessary, layout the topics, adjust text sizes and start aggregating information to complete your presentation.

The outline copied from Freemind into a Prezi textbox.

Image 2: A mind map copied from Freemind to Prezi.

Mark a text area if you want to drag apart a group of concepts

Image 3: With the hand in front of the marked text you can drag it apart.




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