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/ log / 14th Jun, 2011

Levelling up

  1. Tue, 14th Jun 2011
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Continuing the reading of Jane McGonigal’s Reality is broken, I stumbled upon a web service called plusoneme.com. And I liked the idea from the beginning: You have three different categories of points you can distribute to people you know; Concerning social, mental and physical properties. And with that you can reward anybody you know — and who has an email address. If you are registered you get a score card of all your personal achievements.
A very helpful tool in daily routine I think. It is a way to honour the small things that bring joy to everyday life, but that do not get rewarded in that situation. And I could imagine you are getting more sensitive for the positive effects and actions of other people. I already noticed that when I talk with people or think about the conversations later that I try to find and identify the positive results of them.

With some colleagues we have decided to give this idea a try: For use in student projects as well as among us. Everybody who joins in I will give a ’+1 Adventurous’ for getting involved in a new idea.

PS: If you want to reward me: http://www.plusoneme.com/thomas


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