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Dr. Thomas Bröker
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Twitter: @puzzknow

Bertuchstr. 51
99423 Weimar

T: +49 (3643) 216 469


Facilitator at eLearning Bauphysik.

Originating from architecture my fields of attention led me to building physics education in the end. A discipline at the conjunction of architecture and civil engineering. It deals in a wider sense with the comfort in buildings. A subject that involves a whole bunch of interrelating fields like energy efficiency, thermal and moisture transports, room and architectural acoustics, fire protection, daylighting and interdisciplinary interfaces.

My focus of interest during my studies in architecture was not so much on the architectural design; Though it is considered by most people as the most important part. On the one hand I was interested in communicating a design and its ideas, especially by using the so-called ‘new media’; On the other hand on the impact of design upon comfort and energy efficiency of buildings.


puzzling knowledge

It happened all of a sudden: After brooding several weeks over the idea of a blog itself and an adequate title for it, it then just took a page within my notebook. On the bottom right it appeared as a conclusion of several trains of thought: puzzling knowledge. I liked the wordplay at once. Though I had to notice that native speakers, I asked for their opinion, didn’t catch the second meaning. Did you get it?


After taking the decision to create a blog about learning, e-learning and game-based learning I could not change my attitude: The blog needed a design. And coming from a ‘creative area’ I could not make up my mind to one of the innumerable existing templates. Even though it is said ‘content is king’, I cannot separate it from its presentation.

My first thoughts about a completely new design I had to withdraw as well, knowing about the cost of time. Time that I didn’t have or didn’t want to expend. I hadn’t any layout in mind that would have been worth recreating it anyway. Until I remembered Jon Tan’s log about web typography; Its synthesis of content and its presentation. That was what had kept my eye at the first visit two years ago and as a constant visitor afterwards. Though typography and web typography have never occupied me in depth. So if you want to see the original, please visit http://www.jontangerine.com