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Thoughts and experiences on learning, e-learning & game-based learning in engineering education.

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  1. Emergent Gameplay Wed, 25th Apr 2012

    Wenn man sich mit einer Sache intensiv auseinandersetzt, scheint man unweigerlich an den Punkt zu kommen, an dem man sich fragt: Ist das wirklich etwas Neues? Ist das ein neuer ...

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Remarks from the Log

  1. By Thomas Bröker in Close Reading the Physics of Birds

    You can now find the physics for the upcoming version of AngryBirds: Angry Birds in Space. Rhett Alain goes once again into the details: ...
  1. By Thomas Bröker in The future of lectures

    But if it is just for the ‘show’, why does it have to last one and a half ours in a (usually) weekly interval? On conferences where a lot of researchers come together and give a ...
  1. By Heinrich in The future of lectures

    One counter argument - preserving lectures - was that a lecture is a show, a presentation of a professor how to deal with the knowledge of his domain. This might be true, but ...
  1. By Thomas Bröker in Motivate.Play.

    You are welcome, Travis. I am looking forward to the next postings.
  1. By Travis Ross in Motivate.Play.

    Thomas, thanks for the shout out. We are excited that you are helping grow the community. I’m glad that you have an interest in what we are doing, and if you have any other ...

Selected Pieces from the Log

  1. Reality is broken?

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  2. A day after helping with a house moving I found a decoratively wrapped up book as a surprise on my desktop: Reality is broken by Jane McGonigal. Though the subtitle of the book ...

  1. Definitions of ‘game’

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  2. Some time ago, during the Game Design Bootcamp in Krems, we talked with Dr. Doris Rusch about the definition of games. She proposed a definition by Salen & Zimmerman (2004) we ...

  1. eduCloud or just another social network?

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  2. When we started eLearning Bauphysik (eLBau) we used metacoon as our learning management system (LMS). Since then we have ‚lived‘ with this system and its advantages and ...

  1. Virulent! has come out

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  2. Finally Virulent! has been officially released from the Morgridge Institute in Madison, Wisonsin. This morning I read about the release on the blog from John Rice. The educational ...

  1. The future of lectures

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  2. Yesterday was the annual workshop of our research project Intelligentes Lernen. All team members were presenting the results of the last year’s work. Several representatives of ...